Motivational Story – When Majrooh Sultanpuri and Jatin-Lalit helped each other

My sister Sulakshana Pandit had worked with him a lot. When we were starting out, we didn’t know how to go about our work. She told us to connect with Majrooh sa’ab. Her literal words were, “He doesn’t have too much work and he has time on his hands.” So Jatin and I went to meet him. He was very upset that nobody was giving him work any longer or enquiring after him. We implored him to work with us. He melted. A talented man remains talented no matter how much time goes by. Majroohsa’ab was very happy and in a sense he became a part of our team from there. His guidance was crucial. He would tell us what to do, how to talk to producers, how to engage with directors.

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