Reason behind choosing uncommon suits by musical artists Parekh & Singh

“We began wearing suits as sort of a joke… also because we liked the idea of a uniform. We began wearing whatever suits we had at that point… regular black, grey, navy suits. And it was nice being in a suit, because it isn’t necessarily the most free thing to wear, but it makes you feel like you’re going to work. Once we started our journey with the record label, they wanted us to continue that look. They wanted to develop the look based on what we already liked. The initial colour palette for the suits sort of came from the artwork that we had for the album. We sort of reduced the artwork to a bunch of representative average colours and picked the colours that would look good on fabric and go with the suits that we wear. So it’s a bit of fun and a bit of function.” Says Jivraj Singh. Whereas Nischay Parekh says “Nostalgia is an ingredient in our clothes and even in the music… so retro is an element, hence the suits, which are sort of classic.”

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