Story as how Ashwatthama remained underutilized in Mahabharata war because of which Duryodhana lost the chance In one of the many side-stories of the Mahabharata, when Duryodhana was lying in the battle field, awaiting death, Krishna and he discuss the military mistakes he had made. One of these was not making Ashwatthama the commander-in-chief after the death of Dronacharya. If Duryodhana had made Ashwatthama as the commander of the army after the death of Drona, victory would have surely be his as Ashwatthama was the avatar of Lord Shiva. No one can handle a ‘furious’ Ashwatthama, the part incarnate of Lord Shiva. All Duryodhana needed to do to win the war was to make Ashwatthama furious. Just like Pandavas had Lord Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu, Duryodhana had the avatar of Lord Shiva, but he never utilized Ashwatthama. The remorse about under utilizing Ashwatthama prompted Duryodhana to rethink and made Ashwatthama the commander of his army after the war, after his defeat.

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