Story – Haji Mastan who ruled smuggling business in Mumbai for almost two decades

Mastan Haider Mirza, popularly known as Haji Mastan was an Indian gangster, smuggler, films financer and real estate businessman. Mastan was a Tamil Muslim who was fluent in Tamil. He learnt Hindi much later in the late 1970s. Mastan became the first celebrity gangster of the city of Bombay. He would be often seen at parties and functions rubbing shoulders with politicians, Bollywood actors and actresses and businessmen. He often wore completely white clothes and shoes, smoked expensive cigarettes and drove a white Mercedes Benz made him a “style icon” among the poor and uneducated youths in areas of South Mumbai. Mastan was known to be a shrewd, smooth-talking dealmaker. He had tight control over the smuggling business in Mumbai for almost two decades and made a fortune.

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