Story how things go after death of Bali (Vali)

After death of Vali, Sugriva recaptures his kingdom and regains his wife Ruma. Angada, son of Vali and his wife, Tara, is made Yuvraja, or the crown prince. Rama’s slaying of Vali had a special significance. At the beginning, Vali argued with Lord Rama, why he had to kill him in a cowardly way. Rama explained to him about the various purusharthas and showed him his Vishvarupa and granted him moksha. Vali was then convinced and also asked his son Angada to stand by his uncle Sugriva and assist in the divine work of lord Rama. It is also said that Rama promised Vali to give him a chance to avenge his unjust murder. Vali was reincarnated as a hunter and archer Jara in Mahabharata (Dwapar Yug). Jara was the cause of the death of Shri Krishna (the reincarnation of Shri Rama) when he struck his feet by an arrow taking them to be a deer. Vali’s son, Angada, joined Shri Ram’s army and was given important responsibilities in Rama’s war against Ravana.

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