Story – K. Subrahmanyam, Prominent Indian Strategic Affairs Analyst who used to be known as “Bomb Mama”

K. Subrahmanyam was a prominent international strategic affairs analyst, journalist and former Indian civil servant. He was an influential voice in Indian security affairs and was a key figure in framing and influencing Indian security and nuclear policy. And in advocating Indian nuclear positions on the global stage, both as a policy wonk and as a journalist. After retiring from the government in 1987, Subrahmanyam continued to write on security matters, eventually joining the Times of India as a consulting editor. Journalism was in many ways his true calling. Affectionately known by his colleagues as “Bomb Mama”, in reality Subrahmanyam was far from being a nuclear hawk. He wrote on a range of issues, including on spiritual and religious matters and loved nothing more than to discuss national and global issues with his younger colleagues.

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