Story of Ahilavati, wife of Ghatotkacha in Mahabharata

Ahilavati was a female character in the famous epic Mahabharata. She was a Naga Kanya meaning a snake-girl and was married to Ghatotkacha. She was the daughter of Bashak snake (the snake staying around the neck of Lord Shiva). She had been cursed by Goddess Parvati for offering stale flowers to Lord Shiva. The curse was that she would get a mortified man as her husband. It is said that Bhima was poisoned by Shakuni and Duryodhana and thrown in a river,after which he wafted and reached Ahilyavati’s kingdom. Owing to the curse, Ahilyavati soon recognized him as Vaayu’s son and asked her father to provide jeevan-daan (life) to him, failing which she would burn herself alive in Bhima’s pyre. After Bashakji gave the elixir given as boon to him by Shivji, he came back to life. As an aftermath and after a series of incidents, Ghatotkacha finally married Ahilawati and they had a son named Barbarika or the present-day Khatushyamji, who is also known as ‘Sheesh ka daani’ or ‘Haare ka sahara’.

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