Story of Arjuna and Chitrangada and their marriage in Mahabharata

click Arjuna visited other Tirthas in India, including Kalinga and the ashrams of the Saptarishis, Agastya, Vasishta and Bhrigu. Finally he reached the palace of Manipur. Here he met King Chitravahana’s daughter, Chitrangadaa. Arjuna fell in love with her and requested that the king let them marry. Upon discovering Arjuna’s true identity, the king readily agreed. Since Chitrangadaa was his oldest child and Manipur practiced equal primogeniture, which Hastinapur did not practice, the king sought a promise from Arjuna that Chitrangadaa and any of her and Arjuna’s children would remain in Manipur as Chitravahana’s heirs. Arjuna thought for some while and agreed. They had a son, who survived the Mahabharata war and ruled the small kingdom peacefully.

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