Story of Balhika in Mahabharata

On the fifteenth day of the war, Bahlika slew Senavindu. Afterwards, Satyaki battled Bahlika’s son Somadatta and knocked him unconscious with his arrows. Furious, Bahlika rushed to his son’s aid, only to be counter-checked by Bhima. Bahlika struck Bhima with a dart that made him delirious. Upon recovering his senses Bhima hurled a mace at Bahlika’s head, killing him. The war would extinguish Bahlika’s line. His only child and heir, Somadatta, as well as Somadatta’s oldest son, Bhurisravas, were killed by Satyaki. In the Chatahurdi compilation, Bhurisravas’s nine interpolated brothers die as well. Bhurisravas’s two sons, Pratipa and Prajanya, were killed by Abhimanyu on the thirteenth day of the war. Bhurisravas’s daughter would marry Satyajit of the Panchal Kingdom. Their first son would inherit Panchal, while their second son would marry Pratipa’s daughter and claim the Bahlika Kingdom.

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