Story of Barbarika’s 3 Arrows in the Mahabharata

The three arrows are signs of three ‘taapa’s that a human being experiences. These include the physical, the mental and the emotional turmoils, conflicts and confusions that are found almost everywhere. These three ‘taapa’s are cleared with chanting of name of Shri Krishna. Thus, giving Barabarika the name “Shyaam”, the Lord intended to remove the three ‘taapa’s of human life, symbolized by the three arrows, without which it might not be possible to destroy or overcome the ‘taapa’s. One another legend says that the three arrows of Barabarika can be used as follows: First arrow to mark all the near and dear ones, relatives, etc., Second arrow to mark the people who are not part of the war or who are not taking any side in the war, and the third arrow to destroy everything that is not marked by first and second arrows.

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