Story of Bhima’s fight with Krodhavasa

According to a story from the epic Mahabharata, which was adopted into a drama, Bhima is on a pilgrimage to Gandharvamadana to pluck some Saugandhika flowers to gift them to Draupadi. A Brahmin sage warns Bhima not to go there, as he himself was incapable of going up the mountain to pluck the flowers because of old age. Meanwhile, a Saugandhika flower from the inaccessible mountain is carried by the wind and falls on Draupadi, while she had sent Bhima to fetch that very flower. Bhima, holding his mace and blowing a conch, walks through the thick forest to scare wild animals on his way to the mountain lake. While he walks through the forest, a strong wind (Vayu, representing Bhima’s father) carries to him the sweet smell of the flower. His approach scares away the demons and spirits who were guarding the lake. Bhima then gathers the flowers from the lake. Krodhavasa then enters the lake with a drawn sword and threatens Bhima. Bhima informs the demon that even Rama, a man, could kill demons. Bhima then attacks Krodhavasa with his mace and breaks his sword. Krodhavasa runs away in fright. Then Kubera appears on the scene and tells Bhima to take as many flowers as he wants.

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