Story of destruction of Arjuna’s Chariot in Mahabharata war

go to link After the eighteenth day of war at Kurukshetra, King Duryodhana was slain in a mace fight with Bhima by unfair means. Soon after Duryodhana’s fall, the Pandavas went to celebrate their victory by entering the palaces of the Kauravas. When they reached the pavilion of the Kauravas, Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to take his divine bow Gandiva and get down from his chariot immediately. After Arjuna did so, Lord Hanuman disappeared from his flag and Lord Krishna also got down from the chariot. Soon after Lord Krishna releases the horses and then gets down from the chariot. The chariot explodes into pieces. That was due to the devastating effect of the astras such Brahmastras which were used by Karna and Drona and other warriors in the battle. Arjuna wondered at seeing such a horrible scene and asked Krishna about the reason. Lord Krishna said that the divine chariot of Arjuna had already been burnt by consuming diverse kinds of weapons, including the Brahmastras , that they had shot against Arjuna during the fighting. It was because of his power that the divine chariot of it remained un-burnt throughout the battle. 

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