Story of Dhrishtadyumna – How he killed Drona and got killed by Ashwathama

At the great battle of Kurukshetra, on the advice of Krishna and Arjuna, Dhrishtadyumna was appointed the commander of the Pandava army. Drishtadyumna as Commander in chief of Pandava’s Army. With Lord Krishna’s plan a success, Drona laid down his arms and sat in meditation. Dhrishtadyumna took this opportunity and beheaded him. After the killing of Drona, Dhristadyumna was attacked by Arjuna, who was a devoted student of Drona but was defended by Draupadi and Krishna. On the 18th night of the war, Ashwathama attacked the Pandava camp during the night, and killed Dhristadyumna. As Dhristadyumna begs for an honorable death, asking to die with a sword in his hand, Ashwathama ignores him, proceeding to beat and smother him to death.

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