Story of Dipti Kalwani – She came from Indore and always wanted to tell stories

I am from Indore, and I came to Mumbai to study. I started my career as an assistant director and worked on a lot of shows as a creative director and worked with networks like Star and Sony. I wanted to tell stories my way and I realized that when you work with a channel or a production house, you are bringing to life somebody else’s vision. I wanted to do things that I visualise and not someone else. So, the best way to do that was to open a production house. I began my career as an assistant director and then graduated to become a creative director with a production house. Later, I switched to a channel. The journey has been rather organic. My journey has involved a lot of exposure, hard-work and learning from various departments- production, graphics, marketing, promos etc. But my focus and passion has always remained with good storytelling.

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