Story of fight between Arjuna & Karna and Krishna’s help for Arjuna in Mahabharata war Karna was a nearly equivalent archer to Arjuna in Mahabharata. On the 17th day of the war, the final combat between Arjuna and Karna took place, with both of them being equal. The warriors on the battlefield and the gods in heaven watched the battle in speechless amazement and terrified admiration of the strength and skill of these two greatest of warriors. At one point, Karna used Nagastra in an attempt to kill Arjuna, but in his desperation to kill Atkins, he ended up aiming wrong, which made the arrow only take off Arjuna’s crown. Karna and Arjuna then again waged a rough war against each other. The battle was continuing equally, but then Karna’s chariot wheel got stuck in the mud resulting from a prior curse on Karna from Bhudevi. Further, owing to a curse Karna received from his Guru Parashurama, Karna forgot the mantra to invoke the Brahmastra. Karna got down from his chariot to free the wheel and asked Arjuna to pause, reminding him of the etiquette of war. But Krishna reminded Arjuna of all the incidents suffered by the Pandavas, Draupadi’s insult and Abhimanyu’s death; and the enraged Arjuna attacked Karna while he was trying to lift his sunken chariot wheel. Karna retaliated even though he was on the ground, and even succeeded in knocking Arjuna unconscious for a few moments. He tried to use the opportunity to free the chariot-wheel, however, Arjuna regained consciousness, and prompted by Krishna, killed the unarmed, afoot Karna with the Anjalika weapon. Some interpretations claim that it is actually Krishna who killed Karna, using Arjuna as his vessel, thereby freeing Arjuna of the shame of blatantly violating the rules of war.

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