Story of Friendship of Krishna & Sudama and how Krishna helps his childhood friend Sudama was from a poor family. His father’s name was Matuka and his mother was Rocana-devi. Krishna was from the royal family. But this difference in social status did not come in the way of their friendship. They lost contact over the years and while Krishna became a king of great repute at Dwaraka, Sudama stayed as a humble and somewhat impoverished villager. Some time later when Sudama was going through some bad times, not even having enough money to feed his children, his wife Sushila reminded him of his friendship with Krishna. Though initially reluctant to go to his friend for help, Sudama finally agrees to go. He leaves with nothing but some beaten rice tied in a cloth as a present. He remembers that beaten rice is Krishna’s favorite and decided to give this as a gift to the Lord. Krishna is greatly pleased to see his old friend. He treats him royally and with much love. Overwhelmed by all this Sudama forgets to ask what he actually came for. But the Lord realises what His friend needs, and the Lord’s consort Rukmini, incarnation of Lakshmi, gifts him with his desires. As Sudama was about to leave, Krishna stops him. He goes inside and asks Rukmini to get him the old, torn clothes which Sudama wore when he first came . krishna takes those clothes and tells Sudama to remove the royal clothes and wear his old clothes instead. Everyone, including Rukmini is shocked hearing this. After Sudama leaves, Krishna locks himself inside his room and starts crying. Rukmini asks him what had happened, to which Krishna replies “If Sudama went wearing the royal clothes, people would’ve had said “Look, only because the lord is his friend he got so much”, but now when he’ll go in the same state as he came, the people will realise that what all I have given him is only because of his devotion”. Krishna cares about his bhakt so much. On his return journey, Sudama ponders his circumstances and is thankful for the great friend he has as Lord Krishna. When Sudama finally returns to his home, he finds a palatial mansion instead of the hut he had left. He also finds his family dressed in extremely nice garb and waiting for him. He lives an austere life after that, always thankful to the Lord.

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