Story of Great Indian Physicist Raja Ramanna who had equal interest in Music

Raja Ramanna was born in the princely state of Mysore. The parents having recognised his talent for music early in life were instrumental in introducing him to classical European music. Beginning his studies at School, he mostly studied literature and classical music. While attending College he continued his interests in arts and literature but soon shifted back to physics. When he went to UK for higher studies he continued his interest in European music and Western philosophy, attending Opera and Orchestra performances every week. European music and philosophy remained a lifelong passion for Ramanna, and after returning to India, Ramanna accomplished himself by performing classical European music at many public concerts in India and abroad. Ramanna also had a keen ear for Indian classical music. His musical talents also received wide appreciation in neighboring Pakistan. In 1956, Ramanna was invited by the National College of Arts and National Academy of Performing Arts to perform and lecture on the classical piano with a live ensemble and received jubilant praise and honour for his performance.

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