Story of Jashodaben and her relationship with Narendra Modi

Jashodaben was born in 1952. Her mother died when she was two years old. Narendra Modi and Jashodaben had an arranged marriage in the custom of the Ghanchi caste of Vadnagar. At the age of around three or four, they were engaged. When Modi was thirteen, the couple underwent the religious ceremony of marriage. Per their family custom, they began living together (gauna in Hindi) when Mr. Modi was 18 in 1968 but that period was brief. Shortly after this time, Modi separated from his wife and began wandering in the Himalayas practicing Sannyasa. Jashodaben stayed at Modi’s family’s home for a few months. She resumed school after her marriage. Two years later her father died. She continued her studies and received her Secondary School Certificate in 1972. Retired from teaching, Jashodaben lives a simple life of prayer. Jashodaben wears a mangala sutra necklace and sindoor in her hair, which are traditional signs that a woman is married. (Source: Wikipedia)

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