Story of Narantaka & Devantaka

In the Ganesha Purana, Narantaka-Devantaka were son of the rishi Rudraketu. After praying to the god Shiva, they were granted boons and become powerful and cruel rulers. They assume sovereignty over svarga. In response Ganesha, turns into an Avatar named Mahotkata. He battles the Demon army with help of the Ashta Siddhi. Eventually Mahotkata manages to kill Devantaka with one of his tusks. In the epic Ramayan, they are the rakshasa (demon) sons of the evil demon king Ravana. Narantaka was in charge of an army consisting of seventy-two crore (720 million) rakshas. He with his army were eventually killed by the vanara Angada. Devantaka is killed by Hanuman during a war.

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