Story of Plot to kill Pandavas in Lakshagraha in Mahabharata

самара закладки спайс Before the Battle of Kurukshetra, Duryodhana’s plan was the peaceful annihilation of his cousins the Pandava princes, by setting fire to the house he had ordered to be built for them. The architect Purochana, who was also one of his ministers, was ordered to build the house, and for it to be made using lacquer, which is highly flammable. This was duly built at Varanavat, and when finished the Kauravas invited their cousins to visit a fair held there and also to live in the house for some time. Before the start of the journey, Vidura tactfully in presence of the Kaurava’s, warned the Pandavas about the imminent danger in Mleccha language.
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