Story of Rishi Bharadwaja & his contribution

Bharadwaja is one of the revered Vedic Arya sages (rishi) in Ancient India, who was a renowned scholar, economist and an eminent physician. His contributions to the ancient Indian literature, mainly in Puranas and Rig Veda, played a significant role in giving an insight to the then Indian society and the spread of Aryan influence over the Indian subcontinent. He and his family of students are considered the authors of the sixth book of the Rigveda. Bharadwaja was father of warrior Brahmin Dronacharya, and grand-father of Asvatthama, a legendary warrior in Mahabharata. Both Droncharya and Ashwatthama fought in different battles of Mahabharata alongside Kauravas. He is one of the Saptarsis (seven great sages or Maharsis).

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