Story of Samba (Krishna’s Son) marrying Lakshmanaa (Duryodhana’s Daughter)

Samba grew up to be a nuisance to the Yadavas, Krishna’s clan. Lakshmana, who was the daughter of Duryodhana and a younger sister of Laxman Kumara had come of age. Her father arranged her swayamvara, and many princes came to win her hand. Samba had heard of Lakshmana and wanted to marry her, although she was not inclined to him. He went to her swayamvara and abducted her forcefully. He defeated the Kuru maharathi’s who pursued him but was finally caught. He was arrested by the Kuru elders and thrown in prison. Lakshmana’s swayamvara was re-arranged but no other prince was willing to marry her, since it was considered that a woman abducted by another man belonged to that man, although the other princes were actually afraid of the Yadavas who might attack them on Samba’s behalf. Balarama, who was fond of his notorious nephew went to Hastinapur to bail him out. The Kurus refused. Balarama became enraged and started smashing up the palace. Soon After, Duryodhana apologized for their conduct. Balarama was pacified and ordered the Kurus to free Samba. Duryodhana then affectionately married his daughter off to Samba and the marriage was celebrated in pomp and show.

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