Story of Ugrashravas – Narrator of several Puranas including Mahabharata

Ugrashravas was the narrator of several Puranas, including Mahabharata with the narrations typically taking place before the sages gathered in Naimisha Forest. He was the son of Lomaharshana (or Romaharshana), and a disciple of Vyasa, the author of Mahabharata. Ugrasrava was a bard of Puranic literature. The entire Mahabharata epic was structured as a dialogue between Ugrasrava Sauti (the narrator) and sage Saunaka (the listener). The narration (Bharata) of the history of Bharata kings by sage Vaisampayana to Kuru king Janamejaya was embedded within this narration of Ugrasrava Sauti. Vaisampayana’s narration (Jaya) in turn contains the narration of Kurukshetra War by Sanjaya, to Kuru king Dhritarashtra. Thus Mahabharata has as a Story within a story structure.

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