Story of Vikarna (Dhritarashtra’s Son & Duryodhana’s Brother) who keeps mum on killing of Abhimanyu

Despite his misgivings, Vikarna fights for Duryodhana during the Kurukshetra War. Bhishma names him as one of the great warriors on the Kaurava side. Mentioned throughout the war, Vikarna has a few notable moments. On the fourth day of the war, he attempts to check Abhimanyu’s advance, and is severely repulsed. On the fifth day of the war, he attempts to break the King of Mahismati’s defense of the Pandava formation, and is unsuccessful. On the seventh day, he covers the retreat of his brothers from Bhima’s rampage. On the tenth day, he attempts to prevent Arjuna and Shikhandi from reaching Bhishma, but is counter-checked by Drupada. On the thirteenth day of the war, depending on the version of the story, Vikarna is either a silent bystander or a willing participant in the slaying of Abhimanyu. On the fourteenth day, Arjuna navigates the chakravyuha of Drona, in order to reach and kill Jayadratha before sunset. Around midday, Bhima, trying to reach Arjuna, is making progress through the Kaurava ranks.

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