Story of Wijemuni Vijitha Rohana de Silva, Man who assaulted on Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

In his own words as he said in a media interview “When I was told to join the parade I expressed my reluctance. But I was ordered to take part in the guard-of-honour and I did not chose to be in the front line. In the original list it was one Mahendran, who was to be in the front-line. But he was dropped and I was asked to stand there. On the day of the parade all of us were taken to Janadipathi Mawatha and we stood in two rows and I happened to be in the first row. We were armed with rifles with fixed bayonets. When Mr. Gandhi came on to the stage put up on the pavement of the President’s House, Lt. Mendis who was in charge of the parade invited him to inspect the guard-of-honour and the Premier came there from the right side. Mr. Gandhi was in front and on his left was Lt. Mendis and a member of the Indian Prime Minister’s security was behind. While I was waiting at the guard-of-honour I was restless and angry over what India and Premier Gandhi had done to our country. But it was too late as the accord had already been signed. This had made me more angry and I thought I must do something to avenge the disaster caused to our country. I was thinking how India was helping the LTTE with money, arms and military training. The idea to attack with the rifle struck my mind when Rajiv Gandhi was about two or three feet away from me. My intention was that because of the damage he had caused to our country. I am glad that I did it. Because that was the only way I could make some protest against India over pushing us to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord. I did it and I had to suffer a lot for it. But there is no regret over what I did.”

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