Story – Subhadra & Arjuna’s story is the rare one “kidnapping of a male by a female”

Subhadra heard about Arjuna and his valiant deeds and began to admire Arjuna secretly. Arjuna during his exile reached Dwaraka and there chance upon Subhadra and the two secretly does a Gandharva Vivaha. Later with the help of Krishna the two leave for Indraprastha and before getting on the chariot Krishna advises Subhadra to be the charioteer which will show her consent to the pursuing Yadavas and hence prevent them from going to war with neither hastinapur nor indraprastha . Krishna pacifies Yadavas and Balarama. Researchers believe that this story gained popularity due to the rarity of the situation narrated in the story, i.e., kidnapping of a male by a female.

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