Story – This is how Angelina Yeoward became Gauhar Jaan and Victoria Hemmings became Malka Jaan

Gauhar Jaan was born as Angelina Yeoward and was an Indian singer and dancer from Calcutta. Her father worked as an engineer in a dry ice factory. Her mother Victoria, an Indian by birth, had been trained in music and dance. In 1879 the marriage ended, causing hardships to both mother and daughter, who later migrated to Banaras in 1881, with a Muslim nobleman, ‘Khursheed’, who appreciated Victoria’s music more than her husband. Later, Victoria, converted to Islam and changed Angelina’s name to ‘Gauhar Jaan’ and hers to ‘Malka Jaan’. In time, Victoria (now ‘Malka Jaan’) became an accomplished singer, Kathak dancer and a courtesan in Banaras, and made a name for herself, as Badi Malka Jan; she was called Badi (elder) because at that time three other Malka Jans were famous

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