Story – This is how Draupadi became Yudhishthira’s first love and wife, his empress

After the Lakshyagriha episode, the Pandavas disguised as Brahmins went to the kingdom of Panchala. Here, they attended the Swayamwara of Draupadi, who was the princess of Panchala and the daughter of King Drupada. Arjuna, the younger brother of Yudhishthira, participated in her swayamwara and succeeded in winning her hand in marriage. After the swayamvara, Arjuna along with his brothers, treaded towards the hut where their mother Kunti was waiting for them. As soon as they reached the hut, Arjuna called his mother in delight and said, “Look what we have got as alms”. Kunti who was praying at that moment, without looking what exactly it was, commanded “Whatever Arjuna has received as alms should be equally distributed amongst the five brothers.” Hence Draupadi was married off to all the five brothers, making her the common wife of the Pandavas. But, Mahabharata indirectly shows the love and attraction between five Pandavas and Draupadi. Yudhishthira’s first love and wife, his empress was Draupadi.

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