Story – Urmila is notable for her unparalleled sacrifice called “Urmila Nidra” for her husband Lakshmana

As the night fell on the first day of the exile, Lakshmana stood guard over Ram and Sita with a strong resolve not to sleep until the exile ended. As Lakshmana stood guard over his brother’s dwelling, a resplendent goddess called Nidra Devi manifested before Lakshmana. On Lakshmana’s enquiry, she introduced herself as the Goddess of Sleep and informed him that not sleeping for fourteen years is an act of defiance against nature. Lakshmana requested Nidra Devi for a way out so that he could carry out his Dharma towards his brother. Impressed by Lakshmana’s devotion towards his brother, Nidra Devi put forth a workaround that if someone bears the burden of Lakshmana’s share of sleep for fourteen years, he could have the exemption for fourteen years. Lakshmana requested Nidra Devi to approach his wife, Urmila, to help him. Urmila is notable for her unparalleled sacrifice called Urmila Nidra.

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