Story – When Actor & Politician M. G. Ramachandran faced health issues due to firing on him by M. R. Radha

On 12 January 1967, M. R. Radha visited the actor and politician M. G. Ramachandran at his home to talk about a future project. During the conversation, Radha suddenly got up from his chair and shot twice at Ramachandran’s left ear. Both bullets got lodged in Ramachandran’s neck. Radha then turned the gun on himself and tried to shoot himself, but the bullet just scratched his right temple. Radha and Ramachandran were admitted in a Hospital at Chennai where they survived after proper treatment. The only eye witness for the shooting event was producer Vasu. After the operation MGR’s voice changed. Since he had been shot in his ear MGR lost hearing in his left ear and had ringing in the ear problems. These further surfaced in 1983 when he had kidney problems.

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