Story – When Ajit Doval hosted Mizo Army Commanders & his wife didn’t know about it for many years

Fobbing off the wife is a tact that former Intelligence Bureau director Ajit Kumar Doval learnt during his exciting life. His wife, Anu, unknowingly, played host to a band of armed men at their home in Aizwal. For two years. He told her that they were part of an operation. But they were, in fact, army commanders of the legendary Laldenga’s Mizo National Front, which was involved in the Mizo insurgency. “They were all heavily armed but I had given my word that they would be safe. My wife cooked pork for them even though she was not used to cooking pork,” says Doval in a media interview. His wife came to know of their identity many years later and felt miffed.

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