Story when Arjuna (Brihannala) fought a battle for Prince Uttara Kumara

Kauravas suspected that the Pandavas were sheltered at Virata’s kingdom and attacked them by stealing the cows in the kingdom. The next day after the robbery, the Kauravas gathered a great force including Bheeshma and Karna and approached the area. Draupadi, who had assumed the name of Malini, convinced Prince Uttara Kumara to approach the invaders with Brihannala as the sarathi (chariot driver). This was also the last day of the Pandavas’ exile and Arjuna’s curse. In the middle of the journey to meet the invaders, Brihannala transformed back as Arjuna. He then revealed the secret about the Pandavas to Uttara and convinced him by telling him his ten different names and the meaning for each of them. In his true form as Arjuna, he retrieved his Gandiva and the arrows and went to the battle with the Kauravas. With the assistance of Uttara’s chariot-riding, he was able to drive out the Kauravas and retrieve the cows of Matsya Kingdom.

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