Story when Bhima killed Hidimba (male) and refused to marry Hidimba (female)

The story began after the Pandavas escaped from the Lakshagraha and reached a dense forest. Tired and exhausted, they all fell asleep at night except Bhima who kept a watch. In the same forest lived Hidimba (female) along with her Rakshasa brother Hidimba (male) who was a very powerful rakshasa. He smelled the Pandavas resting at a distance and as usual asked Hidimba (female) to lure the well-built Bhima into getting eaten. Hidimba (female) confronted Bhima and instead fell in love with him. She assumed the form of a very beautiful lady, approached Bhima and expressed her desire to marry him. She also revealed her true identity and her brother’s intentions. Bhima refused to accept her as his wife and confronted Hidimba (male). A great fight took place which resulted in Hidimba (male) getting killed.

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