Story when Bhushan Kumar cried remembering his father on sister Tulsi’s marriage

It was a dream for me to get her (sister Tulsi) married the way she wanted. It was a big thing for me when my mother all of a sudden at the time of the pheras said, ‘Tumhe kanyadaan karna hai’ . I got very emotional that time. I missed my father as I was doing the kanyadaan on his behalf. I always feel that he is always with me so don’t normally cry remembering him, but that day I could not control my tears. I was very emotional. Out of the three of us, my father was closest to Tulsi. After my parents had me and Khushali, they did not want a third child. But then my father lost his mother. He was a big devotee of Shivji and Mata Rani (Vaishno Devi) so he went to Mata Rani and asked for a girl. Somebody there told him that on March 15, he would be blessed with a girl and that way his mother would return to him. And Tulsi was born on March 15. So, he was always most attached to her. And that’s why her marriage for me was so special. I tried my best to fulfil all her wishes.

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