Story when conflict between Bhishma and Parashurama ended and the battle was declared a draw by Gods.

On the 23rd day of battle, Bhishma attempted to use the Pashupatastra against Parashurama. Learned in his previous birth as Prabhasa (one of Ashta Vasus), this weapon was not known to Parasurama and would put the afflicted to sleep in the battlefield. This would have given Bhishma the victory. Before he could release it, however, a voice from the sky warned him that “if he uses this weapon it would be a great insult towards his Guru.” Pitrs then appeared and obstructed the chariot of Parashurama, forbidding him from fighting any longer. At the behest of the divine sage Narada and the gods, Parashurama ended the conflict and the battle was declared a draw by Gods.

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