Story – When Draupadi joked on Duryodhana saying “Andhasya Putra Andhaha”

Duryodhana and his entourage explored the keep during their visit to Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya Yagna. While touring the grounds, Duryodhana falls prey to one of the many illusions. When Duryodhana stepped on the apparently solid part of the courtyard, there was a splash and Duryodhana found himself waist deep in water, drenched from head to foot by the hidden pool. Draupadi and her maids saw this from the balcony and were amused. Duryodhana felt extremely insulted that Draupadi and her maids saw his embarrassing predicament. Draupadi joked “Andhasya Putra Andhaha” meaning “a blind man’s son is blind”. In some other versions of the Mahabharatha, Bhima, Arjuna, and the twin brothers alongside their retinues witness Duryodhana’s fall and laughed with their servants. Some say the popular insult of a “blind man’s son” is believed to be a later addition. Duryodhana felt insulted by the behaviors of the four Pandavas, stoking his hatred of them.

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