Story –When Dronacharya forms ‘Padma Vyuha’ to safeguard Jayadratha from Arjuna

The devious murder of his son Abhimanyu, enraged Arjuna, who swore to kill Jayadratha the next day or immolate himself. Dronacharya constructed Padma Vyuha for the protection of Jayadratha, and stood at the head of the formation. In the early part of the day, Arjuna is unable to bypass his preceptor. With Krishna’s prodding, Arjuna circumvents Drona. When Drona asks him why he won’t fight, Arjuna tells Drona that he sees Drona not as an enemy, but as his teacher. Smiling, Drona gives Arjuna permission to leave, and blesses him with victory. Arjuna managed to kill Jayadratha. When Duryodhana rages at Drona, Drona replies that he isn’t Jayadratha’s bodyguard, and that he intends to capture Yudhishthira while Arjuna is away.

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