Story when Drupada arranged Svayamvara for his daughter Draupadi

Drupada arranged a svayamvara (public self-choice of husband) for his daughter Draupadi. To win Draupadi’s hand, the princes invited had to bend an enormous bow and shoot five arrows simultaneously through a revolving ring onto a target far away. After Jyarasandha and many failed in attempts to even tie string of the bow, Karna stepped forward to accomplish this near impossible task but he was stopped and insulted by Draupadi because of his caste, thereafter Arjuna succeeded in the event and Drupada accepted him as his son-in-law. When Draupadi was taken back to Kunti, she asked her sons to accept whatever had been won as common property. The imperative of acting on their mother’s words and the propriety of marriage to five husbands was discussed at Drupada’s palace. Rishi Vyasa supported Kunti’s proposal and sanctioned the marriage.

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