Story when Hanuman knew that Lava & Kush were sons of Rama & Sita, thus allowed himself to be imprisoned

On Lakshmana’s request and after Guru Vasistha’s approval, Rama plans to do Ashvamedha Yagya. At this auspicious occasion he calls Sugriva along with Angada, Nala, Neela, Jambavantha and Hanuman to come to Ayodhya. Rama greets and hugs Sugriva, Jambavantha and others on their arrival to Ayodhya. The Yagya horse was captured by Lava and Kusha brothers. In the Rama’s army the news spreads that two muni kumara’s has captured the Yagya’s horse. Shatrughana walks and fights with Lava and he was defeated by Lava. Then Lakshamana comes and he was also defeated by Lava. Then Bharata asks Rama to give him the permission to go to set horse free from both muni Kumara. Sugriva and Hanuman also request Rama to permit them to go along with Bharata in the battle. Lava and Kusha defeat Bharata and Sugriva and take Hanuman as a prisoner. Hanuman was the only one who knew that Lava and Kush were sons of his master & Sita and thus allowed himself to be imprisoned by his master’s sons.

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