Story – When Kangana Ranaut decided to pursue acting and moved to Mumbai

While Kangana Ranaut was staying in Delhi, she was unsure which career to choose. The Elite Modelling Agency were impressed by her looks and suggested that she model for them. She took on a few modeling assignments, but generally disliked the career as she found “no scope for creativity”. Ranaut decided to shift focus towards acting and joined the Asmita Theatre Group, where she trained under the theatre director Arvind Gaur. She participated in Gaur’s theatre workshop at the India Habitat Centre, acting in several of his plays. During a performance, when one of the male actors went missing, Ranaut played his part along with her original role of a woman. A positive reaction from the audience prompted her to relocate to Mumbai to pursue a career in film and she enrolled herself for a four-month acting course in Asha Chandra’s drama school.

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