Story when Kansa tried to Kill Krishna through Aghasura serpent

King Kansa made many attempts on the life of Krishna, all of them failing. Then he sent Aghasura to kill Krishna, who did so willingly knowing that his elder brothers Putana and Bakasura were killed by Krishna. He assumed the form of 8-mile-long serpent, disguising his open mouth against a mountain. All the cowherd boys entered the mouth of the demon mistaking it to be a cavern. Krishna entered the serpent upon his arrival and then increased the size of his own body. In response, the demon too extended his own body’s size. Nonetheless, his breathing stopped. Suffocating, his eyes rolled here and there and then popped out. The demon’s life force, however, could not pass through any outlet, and therefore it finally burst out through a hole in the top of Aghasura’s head. Thus, the demon meet his end by Krishna’s hand.

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