Story when Kichaka tries to molest Draupadi and gets killed by Bhima

Kichaka notices Sairandhri (Draupadi) and is overcome by her beauty and inquires Sudeshna about her. Sudeshna conveys Kichaka’s interest to Sairandhri. Sairandhri rebukes Kichaka, telling her that she is already married to a Gandarva who would kill any man who touched her. Unable to deny her older brother, and wary of the king’s warnings to not displease their city’s top commander-in-chief, Sudeshna introduces Kichaka to Sairandhri. She does this by asking Sairandhri to fetch wine from Kichaka’s house; she refuses to heed Sairandhri’s warnings yet again. The moment Sairandhri arrives, Kichaka tries to molest her. Sairandhri looks to Sudeshna for aid, but the queen is silent. Later, when Kichaka dies under mysterious circumstances (actually killed by Bhima), Sudeshna becomes terrified and begs Sairandhri for forgiveness. Having seen her words come true, Sudeshna recognizes that Sairandhri is no ordinary woman. Believing that Sairandhri’s words will become truthful, Sudeshna counsels her husband against punishing Sairandhri for Kichaka’s death.

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