Story when Krishna & Balarama rescued son of Sandipani Muni

While staying as students at the residence of Sandipani Muni, the two brothers—Krishna and Balarama— and their friend, Sudama, mastered every single lesson, although only having been instructed in each once. Upon the rapid completion of their studies, they persuaded their teacher to ask for the preceptor’s daksina (his fee for providing instruction) of his own choosing. Sandipani asked for the restoration of his child, who had disappeared in the ocean at Prabhasa (on the Western Coast Gujarat state of India, close to Somnath temple). The two brothers traveled to Prabhasa and found that the son had been snatched away by a being named Sankhasura. He lived under the waters in the shape of a conch. Not finding the son within the conch, Sri Krishna and Balarama took the conch and went to Yama (who is also likely associated with Bootes), and blew the conch. Yama worshiped both of them saying, ‘O Visnu (One Who Pervades the Universe), disguised as a human being by way of Lila (play), what can we do for you both?’ Krishna replied: ‘Impelled by My command, O great ruler, fetch my guru’s son, who was brought here as a result of his own karma.’ Being brought back to life, they returned Sandipani’s son. It was thus in the process of rescuing his guru’s disciple from the clutches of Death-personified (Yama) that Sri Krishna acquired his famous conch, Panca-Jana, from Sankhasura.

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