Story when Krishna straightens Kubja’s body and turns her to a beautiful woman

Kubja is a hunchbacked woman from Mathura, who the Hindu god Krishna is described to have rescued and made beautiful. After meeting his friend Sudama, Krishna and his elder brother Balarama walked through the streets of Mathura and encountered Kubja, a young hunchback maidservant of the king Kansa. Kubja was carrying sandalwood paste for the king. Krishna flatters her in a boyish prank tone. The ugly Kubja becomes upset and fells insulted, considering it a sarcastic taunt. However, Krishna explains to her that he was not referring to her physical state but to her inner beauty of the soul and prophesies that the curse of her physical deformity will soon disappear. Krishna asks her to give him the sandalwood paste, which he will deliver it to Kamsa. Kubja is suspicious of Krishna’s intention, but slowly begins to trust him. Kubja fears that Kansa may behead her if she grants Krishna the paste, but Krishna comforts her that he will protect her from the tyrant. She slowly realizes the divine nature of Krishna and is filled with devotion. She comments how she is waiting for him for several lives and the paste was meant for him, ultimately offering the paste as a mark of complete surrender. In sermons, Kubja offers the ointment even without being asked as a gesture of any devotion. After straightening Kubja, she bows to Krishna. Kubja turns in a beautiful woman.

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