Story – When Krishna tricked Kalayavan and took him to the cave where Muchukunda was sleeping

Jarasandha, the mighty king of Magadha forges alliance with Kal Yavana after suffering numerous defeats from Krishna-Balarama led Yadavas. Lord Shri Krishna to save humanity from the evils of an yet another imminent battle with combined forces of mighty Jarasandha and Kalyavana moves his kingdom to newly built Dwarka. Kalayavana, who stood by Jarasandha chases Shri Krishna to Dwarka. Pretending to flee yet again from war field, Shri Krishna lures Kalayavana into the cave where the great king of Treta yuga, Muchukunda, one of the forefathers of Lord Shri Rama was in a deep slumber of thousands of years after helping devas in an epic war with asuras. Contemplating an absolutely undisturbed sleep he was given a boon by Lord Indra that anyone who dared to disturb his sleep would get burnt to ashes immediately. Fast forward to Dwapara yuga, in the darkness deep inside the cave, Kalayavan mistakenly wakes up Muchukunda from his sleep, and sure to Muchukunda’s powers Kalayavan was decimated into ashes instantaneously with a fiery glance. This was followed by Shri Krishna & Balarama destroying Kalayavana’s armies. Jarasandha tried to attack tired Yadava armies but Krishna using his yogic power took all his comrades to Dwaraka thereby avoiding mass destruction. And then Muchukunda was delighted to see Lord Shri Krishna there, who was none other than Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna advises him to perform Tapas to cleanse the accumulated sins to attain Moksha (liberation). After meeting with lord, Muchukunda sets out of the cave. And the story narrates that he is astonished to see that all creatures had shrunken in size over time while he rested in cave, indicating long ages gone by. Muchukunda then goes north to Gandamadana Mountain and from there to Badrikashrama for doing penance and finally achieves liberation, the Moksha.

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