Story – When Lord Rama answers questions of Bali

A dying Vali told Rama, “If you are searching your wife you should have come to me for help and friendship. Whoever took Sita, be it Ravana himself, I would have defeated them and would have brought them to your feet, to your mercy.” Vali also asked the some other questions: Sugriva made my wife a widow and stole my kingdom. What was my crime? Even if I committed a crime (with my brother), what is your right to kill me? I would have helped you in getting Sita, your father king Dasharatha helped my father King Indra to fight against rakshasas. Rama makes the following replies to Vali: The younger brother should be treated like a son. Even if he made a mistake you should forgive him, especially when he promised to respect you for your whole life. About his authority, he said he had permission from King Bharata to spread righteousness and punish evils. You lost your kingdom while fighting with mayavi and you are no more a king, so how can I ask you for your help?

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