Story – When Lord Rama gains confidence of Sugriva

Continuing on his journey, Rama meets Hanuman and is impressed by his intelligence and skills as an orator. This also boosts Rama’s confidence in Sugriva. Sugriva tells him the story of how Vali became his enemy. In Sugriva’s version, he is entirely innocent and Rama believes him. Sugriva is very scared of Vali and he is full of doubts that Rama could kill him. He tells him many incredible stories of Vali’s power. As proof, he shows Rama a hole in a saal tree which Vali had made in one shot. When it is Rama’s turn, he penetrates 7 trees of saal in a row with 1 arrow. After going through the trees, the arrow even makes a strike on a huge rock and splits it into pieces. Sugriva is happy and says, “O Rama, you are great.”

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