Story – When Rani Lakshmibai’s (Manikarnika Tambe) did something to prove that British were cowards

A rumor that the cartridges’ lining for the Enfield rifle supplied by the East India Company to the soldiers in its army contained pork or beef fat began to spread throughout India in the early months of 1857. On 10 May 1857 the Indian Rebellion started in Meerut; when news of this reached Jhansi, the Rani asked the British political officer for permission to raise a body of armed men for her own protection and the officer agreed to this. The city was relatively calm in the midst of unrest in the region but the Rani conducted a Haldi Kumkum ceremony with pomp in front of all the women of Jhansi to provide assurance to her subjects, in the summer of 1857 and to convince them that the British were cowards and not to be afraid of them

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