Story when Sairandhri (Draupadi) advises Uttar to take Brihannala (Arjuna) as his charioteer in war

When the Susarma and the Trigartas attack Matsya, Sudeshna sees her husband and the army off. Later, when the Kauravas attack from the other direction, she attempts to organize the city defenses only to find that few soldiers have remained. Her young son, Uttara, brags that he will single-handedly defeat the Kauravas, and gets ready to ride out. Knowing her son will be killed, Sudeshna tries to talk him down. Sairandhri (Draupadi) chimes in that Uttara should take Brihannala(actually Arjuna in disguise) as his charioteer, saying that if Uttara did so, no harm would come to him. Uttara attempts to decline, not wanting to have his chariot in the hands of a woman. However, Sudeshna overrules him saying that if Sairandhri said it, it must be true. Thus, when Uttar faces the Kauravas, it is Arjuna who actually defeats all of them and prevents Uttara from dying and Matsya from falling.

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