Story – When Salman Khan called Sneha Ullal to offer her a role in film

I was studying. That time, Salman Khan’s sister Arpita happened to see me. One day, I came from the hospital and the phone was ringing at home. My thoughts were fully clouded with my mother, who was at the hospital taking painful chemotherapy for the cancer. I received the phone and words from the other end said: Hi, I am Salman Khan. Could I speak to Sneha Ullal – I felt that somebody was joking. I just put down the phone repeatedly. When my mom came home after several days, I told her what had happened. Casually, I gave her the incoming number and she tried it back. It was truly Salman Khan who called for me. At first, I was nervous. But, Salman was a sportive man. My parents agreed to the proposal to take me in for the film Lucky.

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